Cost per round calculator

I was just having a conversation with a buddy on the merits of reloading 9MM. He didn’t think it was worth it because 9MM is already pretty cheap.

Found this nifty online calculator for determining cost per round and thought I would share.

Here’s some steel case garbage for $379/1000.

I’m using once-shot brass, Hodgdon Universal and HMS 115gr. plated RN.

Here’s my calculated results:

MWSnap 2013-02-04, 10_59_22

$206 per 1000 cheaper!

9 thoughts on “Cost per round calculator

  1. I just ran the numbers for the current inflated prices I’ve just paid for .223 55gr FMJ bullets. Still loading at 34 cents per round, when market price is currently $.80 – $1.00/round. IF you can find it.

    What’s even better is .44 magnum. Enough powder to accurately shove out a 240 gr. lead SWC runs me 21 cents a round, while a max load behind a 200 grain Hornady XTP is 41 cents. Both are way cheaper than the 80 cents/round ($40/box of 50) the garbage stuff is selling for.

  2. .223 dies are on the way, found some 52gr HPBT and bought a case trimmer today. I’ll let you know what my CPR comes out to. There was no Hodgdon or IMR powder to be found but I did pick up some Alliant “VARMINT”. Reviews for it are very good for the .223.

  3. re: prices
    I haven’t seen a price increase here. What I am seeing is virtually no stock in anything but pistol reloading equipment. The shelves are bare of bullets, primers, powder, tools, dies…just about everything.

  4. I wouldn’t say the prices are substantially higher (as in gouging), but the laws of supply and demand are in full effect. Most the shops have been very good about this. But, at some point soon, the simple lack of sellable stock on hand may cause them to raise prices exponentially just to keep their lights on.

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