To Jav or Jav-not-elina

Sorry I haven’t posted a trip report for 2013 javelina.

The sad fact is there were no 2013 javelina.

I will update this later with more info about where we were and what we saw, but much of the actual hunting time was utterly forgettable.

We are currently opening discussions on what to do for future javelina hunts.

Our current options:

1. Move the javelina hunts to the bottom end of Unit 8, and utilize the time to not only hunt javelina, but get to know every square inch of the unit. We talked about this on our elk hunt, but interest seemed to fizzle out aafterwards.

2. Put in for javelina in different units, using the time to investigate areas of the state we’d like to get more time in. (I’m looking at you, Galiuro Mountains)

3. Put in near Sedona (or the White Tanks), and leave from home every morning.

4. Skip hunting, and make it a “boy’s weekend” for shooting, 4x4ing, etc.

5. Save the time off for deer, elk, antelope.

Please add any other ideas you may have.